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Standard Features:
Units are compact, and installed heights are designed to a minimum. A preset multi-locking device allowing the unit to be supplied locked at its installed load and ready to accept a test load of at least twice the rated load. Our adjustable multi-locks are permanently fixed to the units, allowing relocking at any travel position. These multi-locks are beneficial during plant outages or pipe work maintenance and inspections. Over travel is provided on either side of the working range. Supports are fitted with nameplates marked with the installed and operating load, support reference mark, type and a unique serial number. 
Standard Inventory Finish:
Hot Dipped Galvanized. Coils receive a protective coating. Advantages of a Protecting Coating include protection from a wide range of corrosives and enhanced flex life of springs.

Optional Features
Optional features include limit stops, where the preset/ multi-lock facility may be enhanced to precisely limit spring travel. Additional nuts welded in position are used to limit movement to a specified area. For extended life in offshore structures or other situations subject to highly corrosive conditions, supports are available in various upgrades of stainless steel. Spring coils are available in 17.4 PH precipitation hardened stainless steel. Please check with Gulf State Hangers’ design department for dimensional information. For type F supports, where horizontal movement of more than a ½ “ is envisaged, Teflon covered load pads or double pipe rollers should be specifically requested.

 First, determine the type of unit required (i.e. A, B, C, D, E, F or G). Type selection will depend on the location of the steelwork/ concrete and available space. Once the travel range, spring size and type have been selected, the description can be written, e.g. VS-18-C or VM-XX-F.
 “Comet” Variable Spring Supports are designed to be maintenance free. No attempt should ever be made to remove the spring coil from the housing, since it has been pre-compressed. Periodic inspection should be performed on the supports at regular intervals that suit the environment in which the supports are housed. Check for visual damage, corrosion (especially of the spring coil and threaded rods) and look for any debris that may have fallen into the support. Debris can obstruct the spring’s movement.

 Variable Spring Supports are used to support the weight pipe work or equipment while allowing a degree of movement relative to the supporting structure. Where pipes transport hot (or cold) liquids or gases, they expand and contract. This movement is caused from the differing temperatures in operating and ambient conditions. It is necessary to support the pipe in the operating and ambient conditions while permitting movement between the two. Variable effort supports may also be needed to cater to ambient temperature variation local to items of plant or long vertical pipe runs, or where pipes pass between buildings that may be subject to relative movement due to subsidence or earthquake.

 Gulf State Hangers manufactures a wide range of Variable Spring Supports catering to loads from 12 to 50,000 pounds. The supports are available in the following variations:

Short Spring   VS  1 ¼ “
Standard Spring  VM  2 ½”
Long Spring   VL  5”
With 26 spring sizes (XXX to 22) within each travel range.

A, B, C  Top suspended
D   Top Adjustable
E   Extended Support
F   Base Mounted Support
G   Trapeze Assembly

Related Specifications
“Comet” Variable Spring Supports are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the following specifications:
ASME B31.1 MSS SP-69 MSS SP-58
ASME B31.1 MSS-SP-89




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